Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well it has been an exciting day today.  Three of our does gave birth to five kids.  Two does had twins and one had just one baby but it is a big one!  The single kid was on her feet within minutes and is twice the size as the other ones.  All the moms seem to be doing great and really caring for their babies.  We had one doe already give birth a few days ago and her kids are running and jumping around.  So in all we have seven baby goats running around in their stalls!  Hopefully the other moms will wait a little while to have any more since we are running out of room quickly.

The word is getting out that we are raising chicks and every batch that we have is selling quickly.  We have learned how to sex them so that makes it real nice when our customers want only hens.  We also have 8 little ducklings that are looking for a new home so if you know anyone that wants a really great pet let them know about our ducklings.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kidding season is finally here!

We bred our does in October and it is finally time for the kids to arrive.  We check our barn multiple times a day hoping to see our new arrivals but so far no sign of them!  The does look healthy and very pregnant and their milk sacks are very full.  Our new barn has helped with keeping everyone healthy this winter and it is now ready for the kids.  We have three stalls were the kids and their mom will stay for a few days till they all look ready to meet the rest of herd.  I will update everyone once they have arrived!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chickens and Ducks

Our chick sale is going great, they are all selling fast! But our brooder is still filling up and we may need to invest in another one.  The young hens we have are going to start laying their first eggs sometime next month and then we will begin to sell eggs at the Corvallis-Albany Farmer's Market in April.  Terrill has been hard at work building our new chicken coop.  This will allow us to raise purebred chicks!

Unfortunately our Muscovy ducks keep wondering onto the neighbor's property so we have fenced them in - they still have a half acre to roam so hopefully that will keep them happy :)  We will expand that area to an acre next week during spring break.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our New Animals

We have gotten lots of new additions to our farm.  We have five little piglets loving their new home in their fully furnished barn.  For now they are on heat lights since the weather has not been real good.  The first morning after we got them Terrill forgot to lock the gate behind them and all but one got out!  It was freezing that morning and we spent a good hour trying to catch them.  One tried to skate on ice but fell through of course.  Terrill was about to jump in after it but managed to shimmy on a fallen tree and save the pig.  I spent my time running up and down the road til I was able to corner the last pig in our neighbors yard.  Those little piggies were heavy!  They have double in size though and are looking great.

The chick incubator and hatcher are working overtime :)  A new batch is ready each week and they are selling quickly.  We also have hatched our first batch of ducks.  They are so sweet, its gonna be hard selling them!