Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spring is near! (well sort of)

This winter is busy, busy as usual.  Yesterday Terrill cut down a tree so my garden can get full sunlight this summer.  The goats and ducks are having a great time eating the branches and climbing on the fallen tree.  We intend on cutting it up and building a play area for the animals in our field.  The high demand of duck meat has caused us to increase our flock of ducks to over 60 ducks!  We expanded our chickens to include layers just for selling eggs and they are just about ready to start laying at the end of the month.  Our hens for chick hatching should begin laying in March and our hatching season will be in full swing!  We are hatching sex-linked chicks so the chance of getting a rooster will be very low - but we will always guarantee our chicks except our straight run rhode island reds.  They will only be guaranteed after 6 weeks of age.  The wait for baby goats again is almost over!  Since we bought a new billy this year we are not certain exactly when they were bred but we could have kids as soon as the end of this month.   We have several more projects to get done this winter so keep looking for more updates and stop by and grab some meat!  

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