Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring is finally here!

The nice weather is here!  All our animals are happy to finally be out to pasture enjoying the fresh new grass and clover we planted last year in our pasture.  The momma goats begin eating the tallest grass they can find and their kids nibble on the clover.  We are keeping three kids and already have four with deposits on them.  We have six does left which we will raise up for meat until someone is ready to purchse them. 
Our free range roosters are growing fast with the extra nutrients in the ground.  They have been protected by our Livestock Guardian Dogs from hawks and other preditors and will be ready to sell here shortly. 
We bought five more piglets that grew fast in all this nice weather.  We expect to have them processed by the end of the summer and the older three will be processed in July. 

Our new regular open hours are now from 3:30pm-7pm but you are welcome to stop by any time or call for an appointment.  Now is a great time to stop by and get a tour - there is a good chance you can even pet a goat!

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